The Bentley Boys

They’re the largest Bentley and Rolls Royce dealership in New Jersey and among the largest in the nation, part of a multi brand operation called the Paul Miller Auto Group; with a reputation of this size, I didn’t expect to find that Dan Daly and George Pillajo run this dealership like a humble small family business with just 5 total employees.

Affectionately nicknamed “The Bentley Boys” by faithful long time clientele they’re known for close client relationships and personalized service. Often George will personally deliver a car to a client’s home, a thoughtful gesture that’s appreciated and admired by celebrity clients such as Kim Kardashian and Ice T.

George Pillajo & Dan Daly of Paul Miller Bentley Rolls Royce

Despite the well recognized and respected brand names they carry, the local dealership relies on local events and business partnerships for exposure. The new Bentley GT was launched at an event in partnership with private jet company XO Jet at Teterboro airport. And they lent me a car for my Home Matchmaker client profile video. Often they’re still recognized for their appearance on an episode of season 1 of reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s on E! Entertainment.

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Celebrity Home Matchmaking: Ice & Coco

The Law & Order star, Ice T and his entrepreneurial muse Coco call the New Jersey waterfront their home. Moving to New York City from Los Angeles about 10 years ago they encountered sticker shock in Manhattan, finding property values were far higher than that of Beverly Hills, a surprise most of us are far too familiar with. Not to mention the lack of space. As they enjoyed the sunsets from Manhattan’s upper west side, they looked across the Hudson thinking, why not live on the other side? After all, the view of the iconic New York City skyline couldn’t be seen from within Manhattan its self.

Taking an afternoon drive to the gold coast, that same day, signing a contract on a new construction penthouse on the New Jersey waterfront. Now, six years later, and into the second season of their reality show Ice Loves Coco on E! Entertainment, the couple has decided that New Jersey is home, although they own homes in Florida and Arizona, New Jersey is where they see themselves for years to come.

Ice, Coco and Lil’ Ice joined me for dinner at Zylo in the W Hoboken a few weeks ago, after recapping our  journey from Las Vegas to Miami in July during our second Bullrun Rally, the conversation turned to real estate. Expressing their need for more space (Coco’s closet already takes up a full bedroom in their current home, but with the launch of her new apparel line and personal shoe collection, space is an issue) plus, because the condo was converted from a three bedroom to one, it lacks a guest room for family when they visit. Although they weren’t thinking of moving just yet, we made plans to look at a few properties together just a few days later.

Sneak peek of Ice & Coco’s new home.

Falling in love with a super modern, new construction, single family, New Jersey waterfront home, the couple unexpectedly found their perfect home match. Having an elevator, gated driveway and infinity pool, plus a “man cave” for him (a three car garage) and a 550 sqft closet for her, which Ice affectionally calls the “bitch cave” it had everything they were looking for and more. Watch the second season of Ice Loves Coco on E! to see their home search with me, The Home Matchmaker as they tour their new home for the first time.

Ice, Coco and I after signing the contract and meeting with the architect to design their new home.

Casting the Stars of HGTV’s new hit show

These guys live by the Bleisure motto, “work hard. play hard.” If you know Anthony Carrino and John Colenari, you know what I mean. The “Kitchen Cousins” were destined to be reality TV stars. What most don’t know is Kristin Ehrgott, founder of and our own ”discovered” the Brunelleschi Construction reality stars after working closely with the cousins, planning an open house event at their award winning development m650 Flats in Jersey City.

“They’re charismatic, attractive and smart; but it was the dynamic of a close knit family business, all living in one development of which of course they build themselves, building high end residences by day and hosting wild rooftop parties by night that made me think, I’d watch these guys on TV, I bet other people would too,” Kristin says. And so the pitch process began. Kristin filmed a series of short flip cam interviews with the guys, at home and on site; then submitted those tapes and water tanks to a television production company whom pitched a show to HGTV. A specialty in imported Italian kitchen design is what stood out to the network, fitting their viewer’s request for a show focused on everyone’s favorite room of the house, the kitchen.

“They have this magnetic charisma, they’re smart but straight-forward. They take immense pride in their work, and it shows; not only in the quality of their construction, which by the way, is second to none in Hudson County, but also in the relationships they build with their clients, genuine in their desire to build not just a house, but a home.” -Kristin Ehrgott,

A Private Cocktail Reception in the Sky

On Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 several new jersey businesses catering to the wealthy and fabulous will combine efforts to host an extraordinary event to kick off the holiday season. Guests will enjoy complimentary cocktails and catering by a Food Network star, while enjoying New York City skyline views from a penthouse residence of the iconic 77 Hudson luxury high rise on the Jersey City waterfront. Universal Jet, a worldwide private aviation service celebrating the opening of their new Teterboro airport location will host along with “The Home Matchmaker” real estate agent Kristin Ehrgott of Prudential Castle Point Realty. The guest list, expected to include the “who’s who” in town, will include local celebrities, high level executives and successful entrepreneurs. The event is exclusively invitation only. Requests to attend will be considered only if space allows, requests can be sent to:

Feel the RUSH

I cycled about 10 miles this morning. In the mile square city of Hoboken that’s quite an accomplishment! Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret, it was indoors on these new bikes called Real Ryders at the new spin gym, Rush Cycling. Conveniently located upstairs from the Pilsener Haus Biergarden, so after you down a few too many pints Friday night, you can stumble out of bed for a Saturday morning class. Bet you didn’t know that in just 45 minutes you can burn 500-1000 calories or about 5 pints of beer.

Why I love the Rush… You can sign up for classes on their website, even reserve a bike (so you don’t get stuck in the back if you’re last to walk in the door), the instructors are helpful and professional (say hi to Gary the owner – and tell him Kristin sent you – he teaches several classes during the week), the bikes are super cool, they give you a full body workout (my arms and abs are sore from a spin class, what?!), and the studio is in this really clean loft space with big windows, large fans and views of the NYC skyline.. although I may be biased as I did help them to lease the space.

Art History @ Sean Poreda Studio

A personal tour of an artist’s lair, his studio. On the fourth floor of a converted industrial San Francisco artist loft, Sean Poreda is known for his work with metal, which the artist has been casting since 1993. However, I was fortunate enough to get the first look at an unreleased project in process; the start of what may eventually become a large scale installation depicting history as recorded by various alternative sources throughout time past. (What they didn’t teach you in high school text books). The project has started by researching, reading and recording his findings by hand on a large sheet of paper, wrapping the studio walls.

Intrigued by the durability and longevity of metal as a medium and its traditional use as a vehicle for themes of historic resonance, Sean explores vital contemporary undercurrents via experimentation with casting materials and processes. A skilled draftsman, clay and wax modeler, fabricator, tig welder and metal finisher, he creates both one-of-a-kind pieces and series, and works comprehensively from miniature to monumental. His tables and sculptures are one of a kind collectors items, while his large scale pieces (such as the faces cast below) are large enough to be exhibited in a public setting like a park or gallery.

Sean Poreda Studio production is independent and experimental. New series are released as they are completed. The works featured are available. Each casting is made to order, finished, numbered and signed by the artist. For more information about the artist or schedule a private commission, please contact

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Sausalito Sunset @ Bar Bocce

As the sun dips into the bay and illuminates the sky, a picture perfect setting develops in Sausalito, CA. An intimate waterside patio, featuring homemade gourmet pizzas and cask wine on tap, just the right amount of casual and chic, complete with a cozy fire pit and a traditional bocce court, Bar Bocce was the perfect finale to our trip.

Fitting the laid back, casual, smart personality that describes Sausalito to a tee, it’s easy to see why locals and tourists alike are adopting this new eatery as their go to date night, family dinner or ladies night out destination of choice. Arrive just before sunset and expect to wait if you want to score a table, but don’t expect to stand around. Order a homemade sangria from the bar, take a walk in the sand, cozy up near the fire or take up a challenge on the bocce court. Or, just order fireside and enjoy the company of new friends sharing great conversation, good wine and a breathtaking view.

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Napa Valley Underground

If you’ve been to Napa you probably know that most mountainside vineyards store their wine barrels in caves because of the optimal temperature and light conditions as the grapes age. But this is something spectacular. The Buoncristiani brothers have partnered with two other wineries to blast out over 20,000 sqft of underground tunnels with 25 ft ceilings!

What makes their caves unique? Well beyond the enormous size, not only will they store the wine in the caves, but the entire facility will operate underground. The processing, aging and tasting, all taking place in the peak of a Napa Valley mountainside just above Soda Canyon. Matt Buoncristiani gave us a private tasting and tour in the middle of the construction site, a labor of love that has now been under construction for about two years. The wines are unique, fruitful and distinct. My favorites, O.P.C (yeah you know me) and the artistico series.

Above the caves, a pristine view of the vineyards below and the perfect setting for a future patio, bocce court, maybe even a helipad? For exclusive tours including private transportation and accommodations, please contact

A thank you to Gary Vaynerchuk for introducing Bleisure Living to Buoncristiani.

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Grow Local & Eat Organic @ Farmstead

Californians are obsessed with locally grown and organic produce and grass fed, free range poultry and beef. I have to agree, fresh is fantastic. Whenever possible I like to eat, cook and order this way, but it seems the trend hasn’t quite caught on the east coast like it has on the west. Back home, I often order fresh salads, juices and raw coconut shakes at farmboy. But the selection just isn’t the same as in California.

After a long day of vineyard hopping, we stopped in for a bite to eat and bottle of wine (what? we had to keep the buzz going). Housed in a former nursery barn on main street in st. helena, farmstead served up lunch with wood grilled wild salmon paired with a perfect pinot noir.

Pictured above, fresh cherries at a farmstand in fisherman’s wharf, San Francisco, the entry to farmstead restaurant and a chandelier in the restaurant.

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Black Label: Vintage Wine @ Viader

My first napa valley experience, a private tasting and tour with Alan Viader of Viader, a small family run vineyard hidden in the hills. Viader prides itself in producing wines that are organically grown, hand-farmed, with very low yields per acre.

Alan spoke fondly of his mother Delia, the founder of the vineyard. Her story is inspiring. A single mother of four, Delia, always “daring to be different” she took up the challenge to plant vines on a formerly volcanic hillside, with vines running carpet cleaning houston tx directly down the mountain, a layout normally found in Europe. Her persistence and dedication, along with a carpet cleaning dallas tx thirst for knowledge and perfection has produced a brand and product to be proud of. Alan and his family have continued the tradition, while using their creativity to inspire new ideas, my favorite blend, Estate Limited Edition “Black Label”. To schedule a private tasting tour or receive discounts on wine please contact

A thank you to Gary Vaynerchuk for introducing Bleisure Living to Viader.

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